“Susan is a top-level executive coach for people of all levels of career development.”

“Susan is all of these at once: Wise, brings a wealth of corporate experience and is compassionate, perceptive, and suggests practical, easy to implement strategies. Susan is a top-level executive coach for people of all levels of career development.”Sioux Messinger, CoFounder CreamoftheCropLeaders.com

“Please do yourself a favor and hire her.”

“The breadth of her knowledge is truly astounding, and coupled with her warm heart and commitment to service, she is a consultant like no other. Please do yourself a favor and hire her.”Michael Shierloh, Executive Coach & NLP Trainer, California

“Deep understanding of how to find solutions…”

“Susan has remarkable listening skills and deep understanding of how to find solutions when things seem hopeless. She was the first person I have ever known to help me ‘cut through the clutter’ to understand myself better and how to interact more effectively with co-workers, family and friends.” – J.Nossal/ Technology Account Manager

“She is tireless, committed, has a terrific sense of humor…”

“Susan Bellows has an innate ability to understand a client’s needs and develop a highly effective plan of action to assure success in the workplace.  Susan’s remarkable depth of knowledge and array of resources provides invaluable support in facilitating change and developing competence.  She is tireless, committed, has a terrific sense of humor, loves her work and creates a powerful roadmap to transform women’s work lives.” – Carolyn Lawrence, Business Owner, Hudson, NY

“I would recommend her to anybody, and I personally owe her a lot.”

“Susan Bellows has been a tremendous asset. I started working with her in 2011. Her insight, direction, and business acumen helped me with my caretaking business in more ways than I could ever list. She has great ideas and a firm grasp of what needed to be done to get me to the next level. She has a lot of business experience and her empathy and support was exactly what I needed. I would recommend her to anybody, and I personally owe her a lot.” – Mike Anderson, Caretaker, Wisconsin

“My salary has gone from $36,000 to $81,000.”

“Thanks to the coaching on negotiating skills from Sue, over the past six years, my salary has gone from $36,000 to $81,000.

When I moved from Western Massachusetts to Boston, I was offered $55,000. I was scared to negotiate for more money. Sue helped me role play what to say and I was able to increase my starting salary by $3,000 to $58,000.

Then, when I moved back to Western Massachusetts where the salaries are typically lower, I was offered $55,000 by a new employer. Sue helped me create a spread sheet comparing the new offer with all the salary, vacation, and continuing education benefits I was previously paid. I sent it to the new employer and, as a result, I was able to increase their offer to $60,000 with a $3,000 sign-on bonus.

Eighteen months later with my knowledge of how to handle recruiters and my new-found confidence with negotiating, I was able to increase my salary to $81,000 with a 7% annual bonus– – a 30% increase from the prior job.

I never could have done this without the Sue’s coaching and ongoing belief in me and my talents.” – NJ, Wellness Professional, North Central Connecticut

“Worth 10 times what she charges.”

“Susan is worth 10 times what she charges.”Katherine Duncan, CPA

“Professional, kind, and fun to work with…”

“Susan is a rockstar coach. She has the knowledge and experience to help change your professional life for the better. I have worked with Susan for nearly 10 years and have always known her to be professional, kind, and fun to work with. I would proudly recommend her to anyone looking to move up the corporate ladder, gain more respect in the workplace, earn more money, or achieve their wildest career goals.”Chris Collins, Owner of Chris Collins Creative

“She continuously connects me with the right people…”

“Susan Bellows is the most resourceful person I know. She intuitively knows where to direct me to find my way and lay the next stone in my path. She continuously connects me with the right people at just the right time. To say our working together has been life changing is an understatement. I am so grateful to have her in my life.” Leslie Flowers, Communications Leader and Integrative Health Coach, Indianapolis

“She set me free in many ways…”

“Working with Sue Bellows was truly a remarkable and wonderful experience. She seemed to be able to recognize and convey to me the attitudes and thoughts that were holding me captive. She set me free in many ways and I am truly grateful.”Barbara O, retired Scientist

“I wish I knew of Sue sooner!”

“Sue’s experience and insight helped me gain confidence as she guided me through negotiations with upper management and improved working relationships with fellow employees. I felt she quickly identified areas I needed to improve and was supportive through the whole process. I wish I knew of Sue sooner!”Larry G., Film Industry, California

“Susan makes me feel hopeful and inspired…”

“What stands out the most about Susan is her outstanding capacity to remember details about your life in an authentic way. She genuinely cares about my growth as a professional and pushes me to reflect on past experiences because she remembers my track record and future goals. Susan offers compassionate feedback in a non-judgmental way, nurturing and motivating me to move past my old habits and to be assertive in a professional forum. When I applied for a new teaching position in Florida and moved from Connecticut, I was able to advocate for myself and negotiate a realistic salary (Teachers in Florida are not always compensated well). Each phone call I have with Susan makes me feel hopeful and inspired to keep striving for progress in my work field.”Sarah B., Educator, Florida

“Susan provides practical suggestions, as well as empathy…”

“Each time I talk with Susan I am empowered with a greater sense of well-being and confidence in the workplace and in my personal life. Susan provides practical suggestions, as well as empathy, thereby creating an accepting and safe space for sharing personal struggles. She has an amazing sense of humor and warmth that add levity to life’s ups and downs.”Bari R., Pediatric Occupational Therapist, California Public Schools

“A catalyst for tremendous personal growth and success.”

“The personal coaching by Susan Bellows has increased my level of confidence and has been a catalyst for tremendous personal growth and success. I wish to sincerely thank you for your contribution in improving my life and my career. For example, by identifying my behavior/communication style, I have new insight on interpersonal relationships and the ability to recognize needs based on personalities. This has improved the way that I interact with coworkers and friends. In addition, our discussions regarding member organizations and their pertinence have enabled me to efficiently use my time going to events that make a difference.”Mary Fiore, Treasurer, Daylor Consulting Group, Inc.

“Encourages you to be creative and eager…”

“Susan Bellows takes the guilt out of recognizing one’s ineffectiveness, which in turn encourages you to be creative and eager to become more organized.”Bonnie Watson, Editor/Publisher, WOMEN’S WORK

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