It Does Not Have To Be This Hard!

You’re frustrated and exhausted from trying so hard. You’re sick of being so stressed and worn out. You dread going to work some days, except for the fact you love your customers and your team. After work, you feel like crying. You go home feeling frazzled and defeated.

Alarm bells are sounding. You may even be experiencing stress related physical issues like headaches or stomach distress.

Life shouldn’t be so hard. There has to be another way. You are wanting to experience ease, confidence, power and fun. You want to be the “YOU” that in other areas of your life comes so naturally and easily.

You want to have your colleagues and clients feel empowered in your presence. You want to have FUN at work. After all, you are there a third or more of your life!

You’ve tried being more assertive, only to get called names behind your back. You’ve tried working longer hours, only to come home complaining and exhausted. You don’t need platitudes like “It’s a Man’s World,” “Put Your Big Girl Panties On,” “Suck it up,” or “That’s just the way it is.”

You need help to change your experience of your work and yourself. You want the respect, recognition, and rewards you deserve for the amount of experience, talent, and the time you put into your job.

You don’t want to quit; you want to stay put and learn how to function in your job and workplace culture – without losing your soul, and while expanding your heart!

My name is Susan Bellows, and I am your lighthouse in the storm. I don’t blame you for being at your wit’s end, frustrated, exhausted, and feeling beaten down. I’ve been there myself.

I’ve taken my experience and transformed it into solutions for women like you. Through our work together, you will gain insight you can use to navigate workplace dynamics like the champion you are.

I specialize in helping women increase their confidence, cultivate higher self-esteem, and build their personal power.

So, if you’re tired of feeling thwarted, frustrated, and at wit’s end, and you’re ready to create a new work experience, let’s talk.

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