Hire the Right Person for the Right Job

Avoid the Costly Hiring Mistakes That Plague Other Companies

You know that costly hiring mistakes can impact all areas of your business. In fact, hiring mistakes cost the company in multiples of the employee’s salary as well as unhappy customers, lost productivity and squandered business opportunities in the market place.

Most people hired by the interview process are hired by the heart, not the head! If you want truly winning strategies for hiring the right candidates, then you need a proven job candidate screening program in place to ensure the best possible hiring and promotion decisions. The cost of a hiring mistake can run from three times salary to as high as 15 times salary due to lost knowledge and skills, reduced departmental productivity, unhappy customers, costs of recruiting/interviewing/hiring, lost or wasted training time and lost business opportunities.

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Are you overlooking the 37 key factors that help you select the right person for the right job?

The key to business prosperity, aside from having great products and services, lies in hiring smart people and letting them do their job. Your company’s perceived value is built upon the integrity and performance of each and every employee. Hiring and retaining reliable, high performing employees today is essential to growth and profitability, and it requires a smart, diligent talent acquisition system as well as a philosophy and culture that retains and promotes key personnel. Whether you need to assess external candidates or if you are considering internal promotions, Susan Bellows and Associates will navigate you through the process to help you select the best possible candidate for the position.

For example, Personal Accountability is very low in America, but is critical for most jobs. Someone who tests high in Personal Accountability does not blame others or the economy for mistakes or failure. Instead, they “own” the issue and figure out how to avoid the issue in the future. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew all applicants Personal Accountability score BEFORE you hired them?” We do that for you. Here’s an article with more information.

Benefit From Our Expertise and Commitment to Improving Your Hiring Process

We can help you model superior performance in any position, giving you an unbiased and clear understanding of the true job description and the criteria required in the successful candidate. As a result, you have the ability to independently compare and contrast all job candidates, looking at an array of traits and abilities, without the influence of personal opinions. You also emerge with a process that meets all legal and HR requirements.

When you bring in Susan Bellows & Associates, you gain access to a powerful system for job benchmarking, talent selection, and performance manage­ment. Susan Bellows is the premier consultant in Western Massachusetts and one of only ten statewide certified in TriMetrix® by TTI Performance Systems, the leading developer of personal and professional assessments. Our expertise is in assisting businesses in the process of Talent Manage­ment, or Human Capital Management, developing and integrating new workers, investing in current workers and attracting highly skilled workers. When companies realize that their employees’ talents and skills drive the business success, they become more strategic and deliberate in how they source, attract, select, train, develop, retain, promote and move quality employees through the organization. Susan Bellows will help you improve your company’s greatest asset, your employees, and boost your business’ sales, service and bottom line profits.

Susan Bellows and Associates offers you a proven hiring assessment system to help you make confident hiring decisions, using proven tools and methods, with a keen focus on helping you make the best possible hiring assessment. We provide:

  • Job Benchmarking: Behaviors, Values, Personal Skills, & Key Accountabilities
  • Talent Acquisition, Development, and Retention
  • Comprehensive Candidate Assessment Reports and Analysis

Susan Bellows and Associates is certified to offer you the TriMetrix® System: a complete talent management system that helps organizations to select, retain, develop, and manage talent. Featured in Fortune Magazine, the TriMetrix® system measures behaviors, talents and skills, and the motivators a person possesses, which are all critically important in evaluating a job prospect. Specifically, TriMetrix® measures 37 key factors in 3 major categories. Overlook any of these factors in a job candidate and you may, indeed, be unknowingly making a very costly hiring mistake. For more information and insights about TriMetrix®, read this article entitled Job Matching – The Key to Performance or this article entitled ROI: Big Results in a Small Growth Economy.