“Susan is worth 10 times what she charges.”Katherine Duncan, CPA

“Susan was wonderful, warm and energetic. As a new salesperson, it was encouraging and eye-opening.”Akiko Brown, Director, Sales & Marketing, Acme-Monaco Corporation

“Susan helped take the mystery out of the selling process, which allowed us to close more business as we felt more confident and comfortable with prospects.”Ed Kittredge, CPA/Principal, Kashuk, Bourgault, Kittredge & Frustaci, P.C.

“Susan presents a “make sense” sales approach. No mind games.”Michelle Shepard, CPA

“Susan’s Generation Workshop was excellent…one of the biggest issues facing the workforce today. It helped me understand some of my discussions with my 17 year old son.”Glenn Welch, President and COO, Hampden Bank

“Susan is dedicated to producing results for her clients. Her sincere and consistent intention to support me is a real boost. Our sessions are a great way to develop peak performance, plus they’re full of laughter.”Don GerBracht, Investment Advisor, GerBracht & Associates

“Susan Bellows takes the guilt out of recognizing one’s ineffectiveness, which in turn encourages you to be creative and eager to become more organized.”Bonnie Watson, Editor/Publisher, WOMEN’S WORK

“She worked with us to create a training program that was specific to the Bank. She helped us organize a Customer Service Committee that met with her periodically before training began to create a customized Customer Service Manual. Susan made the process extremely easy and working with her through the design of training was really a pleasure.”Rachel A. Tierney, Training Officer, The Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank

“You have done such a terrific job at Rock 102. In the beginning, you acted as a facilitator that we used to bring a strong-willed and opinionated management team together. Our goal was to get people at all levels of our radio station to embrace the need for change and growth primarily in the area of customer service. Perhaps the most important aspect of this whole process, has been the buy-in that we have been able to get from our staff. That has been truly gratifying to me as the unit’s Manager. Out of this buy-in has come improved personal accountability, which has been characterized by members of our team taking responsibility and ownership for solving problems as they come up as opposed to blaming circumstances (which you often see in other organizations). This has afforded us the luxury of being a lot more proactive and strategic in our business practices as opposed to being reactionary and always putting out fires. I strongly recommend your services to anyone looking to grow their organization to the next level and urge you to use me as a reference.”Lawrence D. Goldberg, Former Vice President and General Manager, Rock 102

“The personal coaching by Susan Bellows has increased my level of confidence and has been a catalyst for tremendous personal growth and success. I wish to sincerely thank you for your contribution in improving my life and my career. For example, by identifying my behavior/communication style, I have new insight on interpersonal relationships and the ability to recognize needs based on personalities. This has improved the way that I interact with coworkers and friends. In addition, our discussions regarding member organizations and their pertinence have enabled me to efficiently use my time going to events that make a difference.”Mary Fiore, Treasurer, Daylor Consulting Group, Inc.

“Susan is very professional, down to earth, and extremely dedicated to helping organizations grow. She has been conducting Management Development for our Bank officers who enjoy her attitude and enthusiasm. I would definitely recommend her.”Ann Marie Galvao, Former Trainer, Stoneham Bank

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