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Your business may be performing well in all but a few departments. Still, there’s that that ongoing feud between sales and shipping, confounding clutter on your desk, or that nagging concern about the company Web site.

Susan Bellows has a solution. A team of business specialists who share Susan’s passion for excellence is available to help you tackle those stubborn problem areas that sap your company’s strength and profitability.

Specialists on our team:

Susan Bellows and Associates, Pam ButterfieldPam Butterfield, Business Success Tools LLC, www.BusinessSuccessTools.Biz
Business Success Tools works with organizational leaders to identify and eliminate barriers that impede business growth and performance.  Through consulting, coaching and team work, we support individual and team performance with a focus on achieving organizational goals.

Pam Butterfield, founder of Business Success Tools LLC, has extensive business experience as a senior consultant to Fortune 1000 companies throughout the United States.  She has helped individuals and organizations plan for and implement significant change initiatives.

If you are going to grow your company by 10 % or 100 %, it requires organizational leaders to play a bigger game.  The bigger game is how you think, plan, and involve others.  Most importantly, it is how you execute.

Teaching organizations how to do these things – getting them ready to play a different or bigger game – is what Business Success Tools does.  We have done it ourselves and have a track record for helping others do the same.

Rita Coco

Rita Coco, Rita Coco Consulting, www.ritacoco.com
Change the way you see things, and the things that you see change. The #1 reason why small business owners with employees cannot attain their yearly revenue goals is that they are too busy to grow. This seems very odd and untrue – even to the business owners – until they see how they are working and marketing! At RCC, we believe it does not have to be that way. Ready to change? Sign up for free monthly cups of CocoAbundance! www.ritacoco.com/acupofcocoa.html or contact us: rita@ritacoco.com

Paul SavinoPaul E. Savino, CrossRoads Associates, www.crossroadsassociates.com
The mission of CrossRoads Associates is to help businesses obtain more of what they need – by doing more with what they have.  Through planning and utilization of state funded grants, when available, we work with your management team to keep training costs down while we make the most of process and organizational tools to coach senior leadership and operational teams in improving their business processes.  We also plan projects around your critical customer delivery time frames so as to not disrupt customer expectations.

Paul E. Savino, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, of CrossRoads Associates has demonstrated he has the professional qualifications along with business process improvement experience, and has coached over 260 High Performance Work Teams utilizing Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen continuous improvement methodologies.  To date the average process improvement per project team has been 50-75%.

If your business is trying to save money while improving your business process, you must know how to teach and utilize the tools that Paul and his associates have had so much success with.  These include: Lean Enterprise, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, High Performance Team Systems, Leadership Coaching/Mentoring and Six Sigma Tools and Systems.

Lyn MurphyBob Martel, JMB Marketing Group and Positive Results Hypnosis, www.jmbmarketing.com and www.positiveresultshypnosis.com
First and foremost, Bob is a seasoned marketing writer, strategist and direct marketing consultant. Now in its 19th year, JMB Marketing works with small and medium sized companies that seek controlled, profitable growth. Author of the book How to Create All of the Business You Can Handle, Bob is a regular contributing columnist to the Metrowest Daily News on the topic of small business marketing and also offers a newsletter, Marketing With Ease, available at his web site. Bob works with clients in virtually all industries, applying the universal and powerful principles of marketing, influence and persuasion to help clients ethically promote the value of their products and services. JMB Marketing creates effective lead generation, nurturing, customer retention and cross-selling programs. Serving in both a management consulting and marketing role, Bob specializes in helping companies to maximize their sales and marketing effectiveness, with a focus on improving return on investment, lowering the cost per lead and cost per sale, and extending the lifetime value of a customer.

Bob is also a certified consulting hypnotist and the principle hypnotist at Positive Results Hypnosis, in West Boylston, MA. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for helping to affect positive change. Working for the highest and best for his clients, Bob has helped people overcome fears, battle food or alcohol addition, end procrastination, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall self confidence. Marrying the benefits of hypnosis with the power of smart marketing, Bob has helped companies to focus on a collective vision, and to rally around the company’s marketing plan.

Lyn MurphyLyn Costa Murphy, Co-founder/Owner of PeopleSmart® High Impact Training and Consulting
Grow talent of employees by investing in their professional development.
In her primary focus areas of training and development consultant, coach and facilitator, Lyn has helped many organizations develop and implement training plans specifically geared toward skill enhancement that drives productivity and results. Lyn brings credibility to her clients with her 20 years of sales management experience in the banking and financial services industry.  Building trust is the key to developing long term sustainable relationships.  Lyn’s ability to do this as a “Sales Expert” has been proven in the results her clients have achieved by engaging in her services.

PeopleSmart’s training sessions stimulate participation and are designed to reinforce the core strategies and financial goals of your institution. Training sessions are customized and use an active-learning model.

Topics include: Sales Management & Coaching, Leadership Strategies, Business Development, Relationship Selling, Successful Referrals, Telephone Techniques, Train the Trainer and One-on-One Professional Sales Coaching.

For more information or an appointment, Lyn Costa Murphy may be reached at: 781-987-1075 or lyn@peoplesmart.net

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