Customer Service Success

Customer Service SuccessCustomer Service SuccessFront line employees play a key role in representing the values of the entire company. Whether on the phone or in person, at a company facility or in the field, customer service representatives have a lasting affect on sales revenue, profits and the lifetime value of a customer relationship. Trained, supported and properly compensated customer service representatives are pivotal to the company’s overall success.

Businesses today have to look at customer service as a key sales and support function, not merely an avenue for handling issues.  Companies that embrace the role of customer services as a sales and marketing strategy realize greater success by placing the customer first and adopting programs and practices that enable greater effectiveness.

With a belief that “everyone is in customer service,” Susan Bellows and Associates has a long standing track record helping organizations achieve greater customer service success, including:

  • Training personnel to professionally handle angry and emotional customers
  • Using practical strategies to improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Building team accountability to increase internal and external customer satisfaction

Take a closer look at the well rounded portfolio of services Susan Bellows & Associates also provides:

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