Case Study 3: Harpers Payroll Services

35 yr. old privately owned firm that processes over $1.5 billion dollars in gross payroll and submits over $400 million a year in Federal and State taxes


Increasing complaints from payroll clients to President about switchboard operators poor telephone and
complaint handling skills


Plan: Training and coaching of switchboard operators (weekly for 1 month)
Actual: ½ day and ½ hour on phone with President


“The training was an excellent review of proper telephone procedures; but more importantly was the interaction you elicited from our people on several of our internal procedures that needed to be improved. We are in the process of implementing several of the recommendations in our customer service and operations area now. The E-mail suggestion has already produced a drop in client telephone calls during peak periods and the frequent busy signal that resulted in client frustration, are now showing signs of dissipation.” – Gary H. Davis, President

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