Business Development Success

Business Development SuccessBusiness Development SuccessBusiness development success is built on a foundation of organizational excellence so that every employee understands the company’s unique selling proposition and perceived value. Too many companies today squander golden opportunities that employees encounter every day while, at the same time, holding back from implementing organizational best practices in business development.

Many employees across all of the areas in small and medium sized companies are tasked with a business development role of some kind. Beyond the business development staff chartered with growth strategies, employees with customer contact have a unique opportunity to both represent the company as a whole during transactions, and to promote products and services.

In this area, Susan Bellows and Associates brings a unique process to the challenge of improving organizational effectiveness in achieving business development goals. With a view that all four areas of our focus are interdependent, in business development success we specialize in:

  • Working with employees who have customer contact to promote and cross-sell the company’s products and services.
  • Coaching, mentoring and skills development to ensure employees can articulate the company’s unique selling proposition and “thirty second commercial”.
  • Interviewing and assessing employees to understand and validate organizational assumptions.
  • Advising and assisting in implementing organizational best practices to enable business development success.
  • Win/loss analysis and proposal refinements to improve sales success.

Take a closer look at the well rounded portfolio of services Susan Bellows & Associates also provides:

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