Multiple Assessments Needed to Hire the Right Person

One of the most popular and helpful services I provide to my clients is helping them identify the kind of people who will truly make a difference in the roles they are looking to fill. Hiring and job placement is a science. We all should be looking for perfect candidates and candidates who are hungry to perform well, not the candidates who show up first or cost the least. I use TTI TriMetrix® System: a complete talent management system that helps organizations to select, retain, develop, and manage talent. TTI recently  shared an article by Ron Bonnstetter, Ph.D. exploring the value of performing multiple assessments when hiring new talent. The article shows how valuable it is to identify the top skills of your candidates and determine what type of position is best for them and for you. Knowing this information can make all the difference. Read this excerpt from Mr. Bonnstetter:

If you could hire the right person for the right job nearly every time, would you? Of course! Hiring the wrong person for a position wastes both time and money.

Many times companies only look at behaviors and motivators for selection when in reality soft skills are a vital key in identifying the perfect hire.

Research shows that using only one assessment will not get you the right person for the job. In fact, the odds of a company finding the right candidate using only one assessment is only slightly better than flipping a coin. When two assessments are used, those odds increase to 84% and when three are used, the probability jumps to more than 92%.

In fact, a Fortune 500 company recently conducted an internal study which found that if they had used multiple assessments instead of just one for their hiring needs, they would have eliminated 97% of their “bad hires” in the last year.

To avoid this mistake, first you need to take a look at what the job calls for. What skills, behaviors and motivators are necessary to get the job done? Once you have defined this, you can more easily decide which assessments to use to find the perfect fit. – Ron Bonnstetter, Ph.D.

Never assume you know the most effective skills for every position, even if it’s within your company! Many companies hire the “perfect” candidate only to find that they weren’t ideal in the end. That’s why the hiring process is incredibly valuable. There has been significant research by TTI and other companies about what goes into different jobs and the people who succeed in them. In the future it might be in your best interest to take a closer look when hiring new people, or even if you are looking for a new position yourself.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more about TTI and how I can help you hire the best professionals for your company. You can also read the rest of the article from the Ron Bonnstetter, Ph.D. if you’re interested. Thanks for reading.

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