TriMetrix® Featured in Fortune Magazine

We’re thrilled to announce that one of our key offerings to clients, the TriMetrix® Assessment Tool, was recently featured in Fortune Magazine. The TriMetrix® system is a complete talent management system that helps organizations select, retain, develop, and manage talent. The article features insights from a TriMetrix® customer, Zack Nelson, CEO of NetSuite, and how he used the system to transform his business.

Nelson’s company, NetSuite, has nearly doubled in size since going public in 2007 with an annual revenue of $108 million. NetSuite is a leading integrated web-based business software suite, including business accounting software, ERP software, CRM software and ecommerce systems. The company attributes much of its success to the amazing team it’s been able to form and foster over the years. This is a sentiment we share at Susan Bellows and Associates. We’ve always said that a time-tested recipe for success in business is to hire the right people for the right job and let them work. TriMetrix® helps businesses do this.

Fortune Magazine took a look at what Nelson and NetSuite are doing with their chief “people officer,” Marty Réaume, to hire the best people. Here’s an excerpt from the article on CNN Money:

“Hiring has become such an important strategic issue for growth companies that many CEOs are getting directly involved instead of ceding all responsibility to human resources. As part of the ongoing Executive Dream Team series on management collaboration, Fortune took a close look at how Nelson is teaming up with his chief people officer, Marty Réaume, to revamp the way the company hires and trains newcomers.

The pair started working more closely together several years ago. By the end of 2012 they will have hired 660 people, mainly in sales but also in marketing and product development. More than a third of the company’s 1,600 employees will be newcomers.

Réaume joined NetSuite in 2005 and was the main architect of its recruiting structure. Her initial team of six or seven recruiters had to teach prospective job candidates what NetSuite did. (It specializes in customer-management and logistics software and competes with companies like (CRM) and Oracle (ORCL).)

Problem was, too many of NetSuite’s new hires weren’t working out. In 2008, 100 of the 450 new hires left before they had been at the company a full year. At the same time, executives couldn’t understand why it was always the same 10 guys pulling in the highest sales.

Réaume, who has a master’s degree in organizational psychology, began to roll out an assessment tool called TriMetrix® that is used to create a profile of the traits and behaviors of successful salespeople. Company stars consistently scored the same way; those who didn’t make it also held a common profile. NetSuite started using the test in its recruitment of sales executives, along with in-person interviews. The result? Last year just five salespeople left within a year of their start date.”

You can read the full article on CNN Money’s website. We’ve also put together several resources about TriMetrix® and what it can do to help your business increase its business. You can start with this flyer about the basics of the TriMetrix® and also read this article entitled Job Matching – The Key to Performance. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information and a free 30 minute consultation.

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